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Since 1996, Advanced Crop Management has been the leader in agricultural consulting, GPS soil sampling, map processing, crop scouting, and fertility mapping, as well as a full complement of management planning services.

We pride ourselves on customer service, this means service beyond  just mapping and planning. We are with you for the long haul, offering full management planning and consultation. As technology in agriculture improves and grows, we will be right there with you to continue to implement state of the art advances to keep you productive.


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Brice Metzger (515) 341-9315                 Connor Hardison    (309} 644-0091
Brandon Metzger (515) 341-6831
Jon Miller (319) 750-2660
Jack Lapczenski (515) 341-6276
Nick Carman (515) 368-1637
Jordan Grandgenett (515) 341-7177
Tyler Kliegel (515) 320-3078
Lee Simpson {515} 341-7133