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Advanced Crop Management was started in 1996 as a company that specialized in GPS soil sampling and crop consulting.

Our business has since expanded to offer VRT fertility mapping, yield mapping, nutrient and manure management plans, along with other agriculture related services. We soil sample for Ag retailers throughout the state of Iowa and Minnesota. We also sell Ag Leader products and have full-time staff to support our customers locally.

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Meet The Team

Brice Metzger (515) 341-9315         Logan Smith            (515) 320-5494
Brandon Metzger (515) 341-6831
Jon Miller (319) 750-2660
Tory Metzger (515) 320-0674
Nick Carman (515) 368-1637
Jordan Grandgenett (515) 341-7177
Connor Hardison (309} 644-0091
Lee Simpson {515} 341-7133