Lower Your Seed Costs
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SeedCommand provides complete control over planting operations.

from seeding populations that vary based on planting prescriptions to the AutoSwath feature that automatically turns planter sections on/off based on a field map.

Bottom line: Lower seed cost during planting season and improved yield potential at harvest time.



New Seed Technologies

    Installation & Support:
  • New seed technologies are making every seed that goes into the ground more expensive. Over hundreds or thousands of acres, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the best performance from every seed. Seed that doesn’t mature because of poor placement or overpopulation can take dollars straight from your bottom line

    Planter Section Control – AutoSwath feature automatically turns off clutch sections based on previously planted areas.

    SureStop Clutches
    - Compatible with most chain drive seed meters
    - Turns off row unit using AutoSwath

    SureVac Row Shutoff
    - Designed for John Deere Pro-Series XP row units
    - Replaces JD seed meter cover

    Variable Rate Planting

    Variable rate planting allows a grower to control the desired population planted as well
    as vary seed rates throughout a field.

    Seed Tube Monitoring

    Allows monitoring of seed tube sensors across planter showing a bar graph
    and other diagnostics on screen. The NEW Virtual seed trench feature shows the
    percentage of skips and doubles planted as well as seed spacing.

    Hybrid Mapping
    Hybrids/Varieties can be logged while planted showing grower where they are planted
    throughout a field. This allows for variety tracking during harvest.

    Split Planter Mapping
    Allows grower to log different hybrids planted in different sides of the planter.